About Dirty Heroes

Dirty Heroes was founded in 2004 and has been running successfully since then.

Initially Dirty Heroes was a Battlefield 2/2142 clan and had a highly successful BF2 team. As the interest in BF2 started to dwindle the decision to turn Dirty Heroes into a gaming community was made. This meant as new games came out members would have players in the community to game with. Taking this step has enabled Dirty Heroes to carry on and grow.

We currently have 35 active members who all play a multitude of games.
These include MMO's and FPS or basically any online game someone in the community has or is probably playing it. We also have a lot of experienced players playing World of Warcraft who are active on the Dirty Heroes teamspeak.

Our members are drawn mainly from Europe and we are a English speaking community of guys and gals.

In Dirty Heroes we actively encourage the use of Teamspeak 3 while playing online games, as this keeps the community busy and a fun place to be.

Website updates

We have had a few new updates to the site, New banners and a few tweaks but also you can now add Battle.net tags to your profile to its easier to add each other for games like WOW, Overwatch, Diablo 3 and other Blizzard games.

Posted by JAGGED Admin on 28th May 2016

Dirty Heroes Servers

Well the BF4 section is starting to get more players which is great to see.

Pascoe and Tim are currently running the map and mode rotation on the 48 man server and fingers crossed it seems popular on 24/7 Lockers (Infantry only ofc).

The 32 man rush server is as popular as ever Greeny has had it running like that for quite a while now.

This server is in the top 75 in the world at the moment so I think that reflects how popular it is.

So keep seeding both servers and don't forget the anti-idle fix. Also remember to keeping chatting with the players on our servers and encourage them on TS.

Thanks to all players/seeders in the BF section your work is starting to pay off!

Posted by Hock Admin on 20th Feb 2015

DH Members TS 3 permissions

JAGGED and I have set-up teamspeak so that all DH members whether admin or not, can now move, kick or ban guests. (The guests will be any that connect with the ? icon)

We think this will be useful if you want to bring friends on and there are no admins about to grant them DH guest status (which means they can move themselves)

If you want a friend to join just give them the TS address ts.dirtyheroes.net password dirty and that's all.

Also here are a couple of tips when using TS that may come in useful.

Multiple Teamspeaks from one TS3 client

left click bookmarks on top menu

If it is a new TS select, Add to bookmarks, type in details, apply, OK.

Right click the newly created bookmark or a saved one and select

connect in new tab

Removing the Overwolf icon

Removing the icon from the Toolbar

Do a right-click on the Toolbar and select Customize Toolbar

Double-Click on the Overwolf Button

Close the dialog.

Removing the overwolf icon from users

Go into Settings > Options and then select Design

Uncheck Display Overwolf icons on client and then press OK

Adding Ventrilo Sound Pack

If any of you are missing those old familiar ventrilo sounds then click below

Ventrilo Sound Pack download

Posted by JAGGED Admin on 14th Dec 2014