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Trial Application: Purple
my name is Andy. I am a product-design graduate from germany. I started gaming in 1999 with UT/Quake3 and got in touch with DH while playing Rainbow Six. I would like to join the DH-community to team up with you guys and win some matches. Another hobby I maintain is producing EDMusic on a basic level. I also enjoy soccer and cycling.

Ingame name: Purple

What country you are from: GER

Your Age: 30

What games you currently play: Rainbow Six, Cities Skylines

Members that you know(if any): Adz, ilestrio, vbi &co

How you found us: Adz invited me to your TS while we did R6S Ranked matches.
Hi purple welcome to DH I hope Adz has given you the rules of DH and I will say hello when you are next on ts

speak soon
Hi purple welcome. hope you enjoy your stay Smile

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