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AutoAdmin - not allowed to call a noob a noob, lol
You may think by this post I don't like you or your servers but this is far from the truth- it is a comment about the policy and config of AutoAdmin.

We're adults, we don't need play-ground janitors to mediate. I've seen so many people tell others to 'get cancer', call them 'Niggers' or 'Jews' or 'Gay's' - those are truly bad comments.

But to ban for such an obvious innocuous statement is lame. Another classic example of 'fairness' taken to ridiculous levels.

Not being allowed to call someone who is being a noob, and playing like a noob and acting like a noob, a noob, is, well frankly, daft.

It is such a mild term. And can be used to perfectly sum up certain game-play, tactics, or even weapons.

Particularly on a BF4 *CONQUEST mode server*, where the *OBJECTIVES* are they key point of the whole game type, and the whole point of it is *CAPTURING ZONES*, and *PLAYING AS A TEAM TO SECURE AND HOLD OBJECTIVES*.

So, your in a match, you are trying your hardest with your team mates to win, and you have people/someone sat outside a capture zone, looking at it, simply spawn killing people for k/d ratio, and making no attempt to help capture - they are simply camping. Not contributing to the team. They should be on a Team Death Match server, or otherwise PLAY THE FLIPPING OBJECTIVES.

E.g. One team member starts to capture a zone, and is any help given? Oh no, he/they are still going to sit there, hiding, letting team mates get killed by the enemy. But he's not going to put himself out at all, or help. Again - they should be on a Team Death Match server, or otherwise PLAY THE FLIPPING OBJECTIVES.

Tell me, what would you call that type of player? After you have REPEATEDLY asked for help from him/them. And they simply say that they 'don't give a shit' and 'can sit there all day doing nothing if they like', and not help. Remember, ON A CONQUEST server.

You could (rightly) call him an inconsiderate dickhead, 'cause he is being one, or a selfish arsehole only concerned with getting a higher k/d ratio. A wanker maybe?

Oh wait, there is already a perfect term that encompasses people who play like that, but not as 'sweary' - and that is, can you guess? It is, (drum roll) NOOB!

I don't care if that person/persons takes offence - I hope they do and leave the server, as we may get better less selfish players to join instead!

However, you will let people say 'Fucking useless game-play', but kick for 'noob'! Truly, truly ridiculous. Almost comical if it wasn't so sad. You are in fact, more likely to have the good players use worse words,as they can't say noob!

I used to run a server, and the Clan had a similar policy of no unnecessary bad language. However if someone was playing in the manner described above, THEY would be the ones kicked, NOT the person calling them a noob!
Hi our server admin is called Greenie, he should be able to help out on this, I agree on being banned for using the word Noob does seem a bit harsh, its such a common word in games, Personally I'd rather not have any words banned i am a adult and its a adult game so swearing should be allowed. Its the offensive words that would be banned tho. In Overwatch they have come up with a good solution to this where swear words and offensive words are changed to other words to make it funny. We'll have to wait for Greenie to see what he has to say as the servers are his.

At the end of the day it is a server paid for by someone else so it's their rules, it is a very popular server so Greeny must be doing something right and if you don't like the rules then go somewhere else, easy peasy.
You have written an epic, long-winded post about being kicked for calling someone a noob, is your life really so boring? that this has aggravated you so much, "yah gotta hate these first world problems."
I'm surprised that "noob" is on the list. Having looked at our proconrulz list I can see that noob is not in the list on its own.

Most of these bans are due to team shaming, people shouting angry abuse at their team and such.

Greeny will be able to clarify Smile
I know you have tried to hide your identity but I have ways of finding out who you are and I have seen you on the server a few times. You have had plenty of warnings to make you understand what you can and can't do on the server so noone should, including yourself get any surprises when they are kicked for rulebreaking. Below are some key points relevent to your post..

1, the rules are non negotiable and will not change
2, there are no gameplay rules on the server, so players are allowed to play how they like
3, this also includes no restrictions on weapons and how they are used, theres no need for complaints
4, you can swear but please respect others

If the server rules are not to your liking then there are other servers out there that may be better suited for you.

I consider this matter closed and if you come back and visit our servers then please abide by the server rules.

Thank you
In addition, the registered user has used a disposable email address and has subsequently been banned as the account has been invalidated (this account only).

Please re-register with a valid E-mail address for any further enquiries.

Thanks again.

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