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Borchmann want in <3
Name: Rasmus Borchmann Bork
Ingame name: Borchmann
Steam ID: Rallekid16
What country you are from: Denmark
Your Age: 19
What games you currently play: R6Siege, ArmA 3, War Thunder
Why you want to join Dirty Heroes: Cus VBI told me to, and its a nice and friendly community
Do you have Teamspeak installed and have a good quality mic ? yes and yes
Members that you know(if any): Brand0n, Adz, Harry, Slydead, VBI.
How you found us:
Through Adz regarding a Rainbow 6 siege community
Hi Rasmus

Thanks for your application
As there are three of you applying at the same I will jump in the channel when the three of you are on TS at the same time and explain the rules of the DH community

Speak soon
Good luck with your trail dude.
try and stay active on the webbie please fella Smile

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