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Name: Nicolai Aamann
Ingame name: ffiibb
Steam ID: ffiibb ID: NaN
What country you are from: Denmark
Your Age: 19
What games you currently play: Rainbow 6 Siege, Arma 3, CS:GO and Barbie and Her Sisters Puppy Rescue
Why you want to join Dirty Heroes: I have met some great guys through Rainbow 6 Siege, so I guess I just want to meet more of these people and play with them Smile Also VBI told me to
Do you have Teamspeak installed and have a good quality mic ? Yes and I think so myself
Members that you know(if any): Adz, Brand0n, Purple, VBI, slydead and a couple more
How you found us: Well one of my friends met some DH members one Siege and introduced me, and now I am writing this application
Hi Nicolai

Thanks for your application
As there are three of you applying at the same I will jump in the channel when the three of you are on TS at the same time and explain the rules of the DH community

Speak soon
Good luck Smile
"Barbie and Her Sisters Puppy Rescue" - Guess what I'll be playing next weekend ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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