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Banned from server.
I Made a mistake by say some foolish words.
Can I please get an unban?
Ingame name: Cheeta_NLD
Hi Cheeta,

We'll resolve this quickly, the offending line is here..

[14:58:26] Cheeta_NLD > get cancer mate

Simple and short answer is if you get banned again it will be permanent. We all know what implications these kinds of diseases do to people and their families in real life, thats why its not tolerated here.

I have a plugin running a filter so if you get any abnoxious chat come your way then it should be warned/punished accordingly just ignore it and keep on playing.

Note, you should be able to swear (e.g shit, fuck, bugger, bollocks) but please respect others on server.

Thank you, see you on the battlefield.

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