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Application hKpoGo
Heyho Dirty Heroes,

with this i`d like to apply to your platoon. My previous platoon (MXD, EFG) seems to be quiet dead what made me looking for a new one. So while playing Battlefield 3, i got used to play on your server due to many kind people and good administration. People there probably know me as lsiac but I changed my name these days to fit my ESL/GFINITY Accounts settings (linked below).

So of course I read ur rules and to be honest i gotta ask you to break some allready in my application:
1. We got a little group of friends (4 players) plaiing Rocket League together and also take part in competitive games. Our "team" is called poGo and since it is a small group of reallife friends im not willing to leave them.
2. Even if MXD and EFG seem to be dead, there are still a few players I got friends with and I´d like to show my support to them by not leaving these platoons. Of course DH would be my main clan and also been shown as that, meaning clantag would obviously be [DH]. If MXD should kick me for that, im fine with it.
3. If u have a look at my Battlelog Profile (also linked below) you`ll see that I am part of a few interest groups, represented as platoons like "Back to ESL!". Also would not want to leave those hence they show my interests or playstyle.

I hope we can fix this issues by talking and hopefully we can find a way to make me fit ur community.

A little bit about you:

I am a very focused player who takes his gaming serious, not meaning im the best in all my games but I always try to be.

• Hendrik Kegel
Ingame name:
• hKpoGo
Steam ID:
• 76561198011376050, hkpogo ID:
• - / -
What country you are from:
• Germany, hoping my english fits the needs.
Your Age:
• 20
What games you currently play:
• Rocket League, Battlefield 3
Why you want to join Dirty Heroes:
• i like to have an active community to play with, when there are currently none of my "reallife" friends online. My old clan on Battlefield 3 seems to be dead due to no active members on teamspeak.
Do you have Teamspeak installed and have a good quality mic ?
• Teamspeak is installed and my microphone quality should be fine.
Members that you know(if any):
• I talked to DirtyLittleGoat before this application due I played a lot on your Battlfield 3 Server in the past.
How you found us:
• Like mentioned in the previous point, I learnt to know DirtyLittleGoat while playing on your BF3 Server.
Hey Hendrik, thanks for applying. Pop on TS when you are playing and hopefully I should be around to talk with you and go through our rules.

Goat Smile
Hey Hendrik
Nice application and pleased to see you applying for DH.

We also have a few other guys in the community playing rocket league so pop on with them sometime.

good luck with your trial Smile

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