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Application - OrloveCZECH
About me: My name is Filip Novák and I study graphic design. I also work in quality control department of DPP (Public transport). My hobbies are videogames and music. I love music. Mainly Emocore, Emorock, Metalcore, Grindcore, Deathcore and Post Hardcore.

Ingame name: OrloveCZECH

Steam ID: I do not use Steam. ID: I do not use Battle ID

Origin ID: OrloveCZECH

What country you are from: Czech

Your Age: 19

What games you currently play: Battlefield 3, Red Crucible Firestorm, Second Life (not really a game, more like a virtual reality)

Why you want to join Dirty Heroes: It is really hard to find good community nowadays. First of all, I am not good at the game. Yea, I played nearly 200 hours but I still suck. I do not want to be part of the clan because of competition. Its simple, I just want cool community to chat with while playing, cooperate and have fun.

Do you have Teamspeak installed and have a good quality mic?
I do have Teamspeak installed... good quality mic? I would rate it 6,5/10

Members that you know(if any): I do not know any.

How you found us: Through Battlelog, your server.
Hey there Big Grin. jump on teamspeak and get to know us.
Goat is your man for bf3 Big Grin
Hey jump on TS and get to know us! We play BF3 most nights Smile

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