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[DH] DIRTY HEROES #1 - 24/7 Conquest - Vanilla - 48P [offline]
After being a successful and popular rush server for some time until it began to struggle, I was finally able to have a pretty successful Conquest large server especially before the Origin server browser was introduced. Once it was however, the server has been slowly dwindling to a point that there is no point in renting it anymore. So I've made the decision to take it offline for good.

I would like to thank all those who have supported the server by being regular players on it, any seeders that helped and to anyone who had donated to its running costs throughout its life. Special thanks to Goat for helping to seed it on a daily basis, to Jagged and Hock for leaving me to it to run it as I wanted and to Dirty Heroes for the very respectable name!

Once again massive thank you!
Your welcome Greeny, its a shame BF4 dried up the way it did.

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