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Application Fonsdal League of Legends
A little bit about you:
Name: Johannes
Ingame name: Fonsdal
Your Age: 16 (I don't rage, i'm very calm and is usually very mature Big Grin)
Do you have Discord installed and have a good quality mic ? Yes
Dirty Heroes Community Rules
  1. Minimum age 18
    (the age limit "may" be reduced slightly if you can show maturity in game and on Discord)

  2. Clan Membership
    You can only be in one clan if you are a member of another clan do not apply!
    We wont stop you playing with your friends in another community, but by all means bring them to the DH Discord as a guest

  3. No hacking
    If you are caught hacking you will be banned from Discord and removed from the clan immediately.

  4. Tags
    DH tags must be worn at all times

  5. No Discrimination
    We do not allow any form of racism.

  6. If you have any issues in-game or within the community approach Jagged, Hock or any Admin for assistance.

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